Our mission.

Our mission begins from the simple Stridy App - an application that allows us to track our unlittering journeys and be a part of the larger global conversation on trash management. We believe that quantifying impact, and seeing how one's contribution adds to the global Striding effort, is important to understand the difference one individual can make. Unlittering takes accountability and community -- Stridy allows you to track your own impact and the collective impact of Striders across the world, so our community can make a difference together through purposeful individual contribution.


The problem today. 

Approximately 33% of global waste produced each year ends up improperly disposed. This has resulted in the reality of families living in litter and facing greater health risks from an unclean environment. Litter has also found its way into nature, where animals struggle with living hazards and behavioural change. Most problematic of all, living with litter creates a sense of apathy towards litter, impeding individual effort and exacerbating a persistent waste management problem.

Our promise to you.


Positive motivation.

We are committed to ensure our users have a fun experience Striding.

More than getting some exercise in, Striders encounter interesting items that make for conversation, engage in friendly competition, meet new people, participate in a group activity, and give back.

This positive experience builds motivation and commitment to being a part of the Stridy community.


Not for profit.

We are transparent about our finances, and are strictly not-for-profit. 

We will not sell our user data, or depend on advertisements.


Stakeholder collaboration​.


We believe the problem of waste can and will be solved through collaboration of all stakeholders.


We always assume good intent on the part of consumers, governments, companies, non-governmental organizations. 


We can do this together.

Follow the community's journey!