Having lived and travelled many cities, Marcel took an interest in litter that is polluting all our living environments. He made a habit of picking up some trash and found that many others shared the same quirky routine. Since then, it has been on his bucket list to bring these people together in a global community - and that idea became Stridy.

Marcel Smits, Founder

Having spent nearly half her life in the oceans, Sam has made it her life’s mission to protect these marine environments, which eventually led her to start Seastainable, an organization dedicated to marine conservation in Southeast Asia. She has also led nationwide initiatives in keeping Singapore’s shores clean. If she sounds familiar, it’s because you might have heard her on the radio, read articles about her, or even seen her in some videos!

Samantha Thian,
Chief Stridy Officer


Skeptical of the metal straw, Esther sought for better solutions - only to become increasingly invested the topic of sustainability. Her journalism stint gave her the opportunity to converse with people working in sustainability. These conversations inspired her to pursue conservation further, eventually landing her in Stridy. Outside of work, she can be found in the lab working on a marine plastics pollution project at her university.

Esther Chan,
Marketing & Comms Executive

A believer in taking the path less travelled, Marc has now found himself in Stridy after multiple, vastly different, crossroads. In his past life, Marc sought creative fulfilment in the film industry for five good years – a career decision that was very much unrelated to his business degree. People who know Marc, know this: when everyone zigs, Marc zags.

Marc Travis, 
Global Program Manager


On his very first dive trip, Kenneth witnessed his dive guide freeing a fish caught in a ghost net. That one dive changed his view of humanity’s impact on the environment forever. It spurred him to get involved with various conversation efforts – from collecting shark census data, conducting reef surveys, port surveys, and managing a conservation grant – Kenneth is constantly finding ways to do his part for the environment.

Kenneth Yan,
Communications Manager