What is Stridy?

Stridy is a non-profit organisation that enables individuals and communities to unlitter the world. Read more about how Stridy came to be in our founder's note here

Our business model

We have no business model, we are currently funded by private donations and proceeds from our Stridy shop where we sell tools needed for Strides

What are Stridy tools?

Litter-picking is safest and the most fun when we have the right equipment to do the job. You can find all you need at our Stridy Shop.

How does the Stridy app work?

The Stridy app allows you to track your Strides and earn points as you go. You would be able to see where you've been and record what you find. These Stridy points can then be redeemed to contribute to environmental conservation efforts of your choice. 

I'm experiencing app glitches, what should I do?

We are sorry to hear that! Please drop us an email detailing the problem and we will get back to you.