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A cleaner way

to move.

Our purpose. 


Stridy believes that with a bit of help from everyone, we can make a tangible difference in unlittering our world.

Our vision is to create a groundswell of people, all over the globe, engaged with the subject of waste management and recycling.

The Stridy App allows us to track our unlittering journeys as individuals and as a global community, together. 

Our impact.

All Time Stats:
Distance Travelled
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How it works.

Stridy has three main enablers: the Stridy global community, our Stridy tools, and the Stridy app.


Our global community is the beating heart of Stridy. We come together to take collective action in unlittering our world. Now this is the fun part - because people around the globe share the weirdest finds and occasional jackpot hits! All of the excitement is on the Slack global community, so come on and join the fun.

There is no need to get your hands dirty while you're on the move cleaning up. Our Stridy tools allow you to stride safely and efficiently, so you can focus on making a difference.

Track your progress with the Stridy app as you clean our world. The Stridy app allows you to track your contribution as you log your finds. Visualise routes so that the community can identify areas that need a little more Stridy attention. You can even earn points on the Stridy app for cool titles and achievements! Bettering our world has never been more easy, or exciting!